my 27th year

My birthday is today but I’m not really celebrating it and since I work in an hour…it’s just another day really.  My mom got me a card and gift, and I got a ton of birthday wishes from friends…but I think the next few days are when I will really feel like “the birthday girl”.  Tomorrow my brother should be coming over for dinner, and I’m inviting a couple friends over for cake and ice cream.  Then on Friday, Bruce and I are heading up to Northern California (super Northern…like, Oregon border Northern) for the weekend.  This will be our first long trip together, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Speaking of Bruce, we are now “Facebook official”….which means we’re like, the “real deal”…because nothing is truly official until it hits Facebook.

I’ve been having fun with the Instagram app on my iPhone…here are a few from last weekend with Bruce:

He makes me feel like I am worth it.  I’m very lucky, and I am thankful for how everything has played out.  I think my 27th is going to be one of my best years.


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