northern california

Bruce got me a really good gift for my birthday…a memory card for my camera that holds about 2,500 pictures.  When we had gone to Mono Lake and Yosemite before, I filled up one of my memory cards (I have two that will hold 150 pictures each) and when I put the other one in…it caused my camera to be unusable.  My cat had chewed on it, and messed up the contacts on it.  It’s typical for me to take a few hundred pictures on day trips, so not having to worry at all about saving precious memory card space…is going to be awesome.  He also gave me a trip to Crescent City & surrounding areas.

We left Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday.  Friday was basically just a driving day.  We stayed in Eureka, then on Saturday we headed to Crescent City and went up into Oregon for awhile.  The weather was pretty lousy the whole weekend but luckily the rain stayed away for the most part on Saturday so we were able to stop at some beaches, lighthouses, and whatnot.  We stayed in Crescent City Saturday night…and had some super yummy Mexican food for dinner.  Sunday morning, Bruce went fishing for a couple hours and afterward we headed out…stopped at a few more places, then headed home.  The rain was in full force when we were driving…to and from.  I love the rain, but not when it’s crazy heavy.  Overcast is always better than sunny…for me, so it was ok.

I took a couple rolls of film as well.  These are from my SLR:



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