I often forget how beautiful film photography is.  Digital is so simple, and gives that instant gratification that we’ve all become so accustomed to.  Film still holds mystery…you really don’t know what you’re going to get until you have it developed.  Pictures matter more, and because you can’t just delete them…you actually have to think about each shot (unless you’re not worried about the cost of film).

I have three film cameras…two that I use…a Canon and a Holga.  I miss shooting black and white film, and I miss being able to develop it myself.  I learned how to develop film and make prints when I took Photography at AAU…the plan then was and still is…once I get my own home…convert a room into a dark room.  I won’t necessarily do my own prints, but I want to be able to develop my own film.  One of the reasons I don’t use my Holga is because I have to ship the film off across the country for development.  I have 2 rolls to be developed right now, and one is from a year ago…I have no idea what’s even on there.  I really love the 120 format though…and even though it’s the cheapest camera I own…it’s pictures are often my favorites…they’re always dreamy and imperfect.  I’m a perfectionist when it comes to pictures, but with the Holga…there’s no way anything is going to come out perfectly.

I had half a roll used up from the weekend and I wanted to see those pictures so a couple days ago, I went to an abandoned slaughterhouse that is out in Antioch….to use up that film and another roll, on my SLR.  It felt so good to be out, using a “real” camera again…I’m determined to get back into photography again, how I used to be.

I’m really excited that Bruce agreed to go to the Salton Sea with me later this year.  It’s in Southern California…it’s the largest body of water in the state.  It was a tourist spot…a resort basically…in the past.  It was a freshwater lake in the beginning, but the salt levels rose (more so than the ocean!!), there was toxic run-off…and millions of birds and fish died.  The people all left and the neighborhoods sit there now, abandoned.  I can’t really explain the draw that these places have to me…I just find them fascinating and beautiful…in an eerie, strange way.  But I am SO excited to go photograph that.


5 thoughts on “film

  1. Salton Sea sounds like a fascinating place to visit. I’ve just googled it! Looking forward to the photos from that trip!

      1. Did you manage to look this book up? If you can’t get hold of it out there, then i can send you my copy if you’d like?

      2. I can order it from Amazon…I have like 3-4 books I have to read before I order any new ones…but it’s added to the wishlist!

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