being creative again

I’ve been having too many ideas about things to make going through my head.  I have a list of monsters I want to make, and I am going to be making a pair of monsters that are for a good friend of mine…she wants them to represent her and her boyfriend.  It’s the first time I’m doing a set and I’m trying to figure out the best way to make them.  In the meantime I started two other ones, and finished one today.  This one is a mermaid and the other one is going to look like cookie monster.

I have a room dedicated to sewing/art stuff…and I feel like I need to start spending more time in there.  I always feel inspired when I go through old artwork, school projects, fabric & notion boxes, etc etc.  I would really like to get back into creating.  I forget how rewarding it feels when I express myself that way.  I bought a moleskine sketchbook probably a month before I left for Bangladesh…those are always intimidating because they’re nice and I have that “don’t mess it up with something ugly” attitude….which means I’ve only drawn one thing in there in about 6 months.  I believe that anyone can make art and that nothing is really “ugly”, but when it comes to my own work…my mind is set on “perfect perfect perfect”.

Bruce asked me to finish my bucket list by Valentine’s Day…so I am using that sketchbook to figure out my 100 things.  I have 40 that I wrote a few years ago, and I am just going to finally complete it.


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