valentines day

I had to work on Valentines day, so the day after Bruce and I left super early and went to Squaw Valley to go snowboarding.  We took my car and it started to snow on the way.

Because it freshly snowed, while we were taking our lessons…it wasn’t much of an issue to fall down.  We had a good instructor and there weren’t many people out there that day which made it better as well.

We had a good time, so we went back yesterday.  We went on a different run which was longer and less sloped than the one we learned on.  I was able to pretty much master going slow with both feet forward…but I was doing worse on turning.  The snow wasn’t fresh this time, so it was really hard and painful to fall on.  Lucky me; I fell every single time…getting off the lift to this hill.  There was some untouched snow on the sides, so I started staying in that area and once I did that and was unafraid of falling…I did better.  I had two really good runs.  The only downside of that snow is that when you fall you get stuck in it.  One of the skiing instructors asked me if I was alright because I was just laying there for like 5 minutes because I was too tired to keep trying to get myself out of it.

I fell really hard at one point and that was the end of it for me.  I was really frustrated by then…especially after I had those two good runs.  Snowboarding was one of the things on my bucket list…so now that is crossed off.  Also, eating lobster was on there.  We had dinner at a buffet in a casino, where I was able to have that.  So two are now knocked off the list.


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