in process

14 months ago I started a project, and I am now going back to that.  In late 2010 I had seen someones paper mache dragons on the internet and was inspired to have a go at my own.  Their models looked like sculptures…they were so detailed.  Of course I knew mine wouldn’t turn out that amazing, but it was something to do for fun so I started my own paper mache monster.  I modeled it after a sad alien/monster that I used to draw at that time.

I was in the middle of my senior year of college at the time, so that took precedent over this and I put it away.  Last week I pulled it out and started working on it again.

I’m using homemade glue on it (flour + water), once I’ve got a good number of layers on it…I will attach the arms and sand it all down.  Prime & paint, and be all done!!  Hopefully I will be able to finish it, and work on some other projects this week.



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