diy: canvas photos

Photos on canvas…DIY!  No reason to pay anyone else to do it when it can be done on your own.  Ok…canvas and book cloth aren’t the same exact thing…but it’s the same basic idea.

I had a couple sheets of printable book cloth (from Paper Source) leftover from past school projects.  The first step was to print the pictures I wanted to use on that, then cut each out with at least an inch extra room on each side.  Book board, or matte board works really well for putting the pictures on…but something that works just as well is the backing of sketchpads!  The cardboard is sometimes the same thickness as book board and it’s a great way to recycle/save money.  I cut that down to about 1/4″ smaller than the photo…all the way around.

Next is to trace the cardboard on the back of the book cloth where you are going to glue it…so that there won’t be any possibility of crooked pictures!  Then glue away…and make sure to smash them underneath a book while they dry…otherwise the boards will warp.

Depending on how you want them to hang/IF you want them to hang…this step is all about that.  I started to glue the cording down and then figured out that tape was a lot easier/faster…especially when it’s going to be covered up anyhow.  Once that’s done…it’s time to decorate the back!  For my photos from Bangladesh…I cut up bags from Aarong, and glued those on.

Both of these took me probably an hour and a half to make.  Waiting for the glue to dry is what takes the longest.  This is a great way to use up scrapbooking supplies that are just sitting in a drawer waiting to be used.  I have SO much paper (tickets/receipts/etc) I brought home…from both Bangladesh and Thailand.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it all…but I think I have that figured out now!


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