stress relief

I’ve been stressing out lately…so I’ve been trying to do little things to help relieve that and get my mind on something else for awhile.  Monday was my moms birthday, and she wasn’t home for most of the afternoon so I took that opportunity to bake her a cake.  Stress relief has never been so delicious!  Max even got in on it.  (He isn’t allowed to climb onto the counter, so he will stand with his hind legs on a chair and his whole upper body on the counter…thinks he’s being so sneaky!)

I’ve been drawing more lately as well.

Tonight I made myself a cup of tea, using MY mug (I only have 2 or 3 coffee mugs to call my own).  I bought it when I went (obviously) to Atlanta…back in 2006.

I’ve been looking through old pictures of stuff I’ve made.  It’s making me feel nostalgic, and like I really need to kick things into gear.  The monster project is still happening, I’ve just been really slow with it.  I think I’ve come up with a name for them though…it’s dorky & cute…which works.  Anyways, pictures I dug up that make me happy (the process work was always my favorite part):

I’ll end this with a couple pictures from the photoshoot of my senior collection pieces, from last year (that weren’t used on my website).  That was so much fun, seeing your garments on an actual person takes it to a whole other level.  (Photographer: Brie Ohlund)


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