cat bath

I’m hoping to get out to do some photography here soon…it’s been awhile and I feel like I really need to get out again.  I’ve been taking pictures around the house, instead.  In the last couple of days, I worked on some sewing and I gave my cat a bath.  He handled it very well…he’s turned out to be a really well mannered cat.  He tried to jump out of the sink, but that’s it…he never tried to claw at me or bite me.  He isn’t affectionate, and he doesn’t like to be held…it’s pretty apparent when I pick him up, but he doesn’t scratch or bite…he just meows and waits to be let go.  With how he was as a kitten….I fully expected him to be a terror for his whole life.

I made another monster…this one is called the “sweater lover”, because he is wearing a giant sweater that covers his face…and he is holding a coffee mug.  He loves winter and isn’t ready to let that go for spring.  I love the fabric that I used for him…I got it during a field trip for a class a couple years ago. It’s this random knit pattern…I have it in this blue and also in purple.

This last picture is just cute.  My mom has friends over on a weekly basis, and always prepares snacks and whatnot for them…this week, one of the things she had was this fruit plate that is a face.  Cute, right?


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