makin’ stuff

Yesterday Bruce and I went to a fabric store in Berkeley so I could get some fabric for projects I want to work on.  Afterward we went to a park where I tried Mochi for the first time.  Bruce couldn’t believe I’d never had it (let alone heard of it) before.  We picked up two boxes from Trader Joe’s.

After we left, we stopped at Mt. Mike’s to get some pizza for dinner.  We ended up with the biggest pizza ever…the box barely fit in the car!  It was so big that it kept hitting the radio buttons.  I think a pizza that size would last me a whole week.

In other news, I started sewing a clutch a couple days ago and finished it this morning.  I have so much scrap fabric…it’s good to get use out of it.  Overall, it didn’t take me TOO long to complete…and I am pretty happy with how it came out.  I went to Anthropologie the other day and saw this clutch there:

I loved the puffy keychain on it, so that’s where I started off on my own version.


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