easter weekend

I decided that I need to get back into drawing/sketchbooking…so I went out and bought two sketchbooks.  One is for my monsters…ideas, notes, fabric swatches, etc, whatever…the other is just personal.  I feel like I need to design more, even if just for myself…so the second sketchbook is my personal inspiration/design space.  That one is a nicer book, it’s maroon and hardcover.  The monster one was just a cheap drawing pad with the paper cover…so I decided it needed a makeover.

There’s this drawer in my other room…that is full of knit swatches from when I was taking knitwear classes.  I kept them all because I do want to use them but it’s hard figuring out just WHAT to do with them.   My favorite pattern is one that I created myself…we had to do a design project for a company we’d like to work for.  I chose French Connection (FCUK), and my inspiration was these awesome cat illustrations…and one of the cats was holding a fish skeleton.  My pattern was a fish skeleton…which I ended up using for a sweater I made (my size) that is currently sitting in my closet.

So I took one of those swatches, and some other various fabrics I had sitting around and placed them all together on top of a piece of matte board.  I then sandwiched that with another piece of cardboard on the other side of the sketch pads cover and glued it all together…so that cheap, plain sketchpad now has a hardcover…and looks a whole lot better than it did when I bought it.


My mom and I decorated eggs Saturday night, like we do every year.

On Sunday morning my mom and I went to church, then when we got home I shampooed the carpet/front seats in my car.  Now my carpet and seats are SO clean…love it.  Most of the afternoon we just relaxed, and I started working on something…then my brother came over and we had dinner…and played some Hearts afterward.  My brother won the first game that lasted for 5 rounds, then I won the game that lasted 16 rounds.  It was a good day, filled with far too much snacking/candy!

In other news, I’ve added a page with some of my textiles samples to my website.  I have a few more to add still, but you can see that page here


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