things change instantly

I’ve been offered a job with BCBG in Los Angeles.  It’s not a position where I will be designing, but I am hoping that in the future it will lead to that.  Things have been set in motion, and I’ve been left with little time to prepare/relocate.  I start on the 30th of this month, and my last day in my current job is the 26th.

I drove my mom and myself down there yesterday, and we started going to the apartments that I’d researched in the days beforehand.  The first stop was in North Hollywood to see a studio apartment.  The place was really nice, very modern…but the first thing we found out is that the gate is left open all day until 4 or 5pm…so anyone could walk in/out.  Then I asked about the rent and the advertised price was for a 12 month lease…I am only willing to sign a 6 month lease…which jacked the price up an extra $300 a month.  Way past my budget, so we went to the 2nd place in Paramount.  Again…nice apartment (1 bedroom), really nice neighborhood…but the price was an extra $200 per month for the 6 month lease…and the manager kept adding on monthly costs.  I had a total of 6 places for us to check out…and 4 of them were all owned by the same management company…so I knew the prices would all be the same for those ones.  At this point I felt defeated, and really didn’t know what I was going to have to do.  I wasn’t going to be able to afford anything.

We went to the last place in Lakewood, which was advertised at a rate that was a little bit higher than the other two locations.  My first question to the manager was the rent cost…”that’s for 12 months right?”….”no, that’s for 6 months”.  Wow…an advertised price that is actually as advertised!  The deposit was also significantly lower than the others.  He took us to see the apartments (1 bedroom again) and everything looked/felt good.  The complex is older (built in the 70’s) but it’s been renovated and maintained well.  There are huge trees and walkways all over.  The few people we saw in passing were friendly…said hello, good morning, etc.  One thing that my mom and I both liked is how people made it “home”.  There were decorations on front doors & windows, plants on the porch areas, shoes outside, chairs, etc.  The manager told us that they encourage that there.  It didn’t feel stuffy or impersonal at all, which the other places did.  It has 24 hour security on site, the gates are always closed, it has 2 pools, laundry rooms, assigned covered parking…etc.  When we walked away yesterday, it was pretty clear that this is where I was going to try to live.  I just wanted to check out the reviews online once again before I committed to anything.  This is the only complex out of who knows how many I looked at when searching online…that was 100% recommended by residents.  So this morning we went back, and had a look once again at the apartments I could choose from (there were 4 open ones).  I chose an upstairs unit, with one neighboring place.  It gets less sunlight that the others, but it had the best location…close to pool/mail/laundry…but not TOO close.  We put the application in, and that apartment is now off the market.  As long as everything goes through, I’ll be able to move in next Friday.

I think it’s going to be the perfect place for me to start.  Besides the complex itself being great…there is a Target 2 blocks away (what! Awesome!) and a large shopping area/movie theater another 2 miles away.  It’s close to the freeway, and the city itself is very nice.  It’s outside of Los Angeles enough that I won’t have to worry about parking daily…and one of the best points for me…I would be 10 miles from the beach.

After we stopped at the beach, we drove to Vernon to see where I’ll be working.  This trip has helped put my mind at ease.  I am still going to be a ball of nerves when I start work…but seeing it all and starting this process made me feel like “I can do this”.

For the past week, my mind has been going crazy thinking about all the things I am leaving behind, and the things I am losing/letting go of…I wasn’t thinking about what I will be gaining.  It’s going to be hard to be so far from my family…at least 5 hours…but even though it’s 5 hours; that isn’t as bad as it could be.  If I’d of gotten a job in New York or somewhere else out of state…I wouldn’t have the option of driving back on weekends.

It’s going to be hard to be far away from Bruce as well.  I know that we will make it work, and we’ll see each other whenever we can…but going from seeing him 2-3 times a week…to maybe 2 times a month; that won’t be easy.  It sucks especially since we are still in the beginning stages of our relationship.  I know that we are going to be together for a long time, and this distance will only be temporary…but the fact that I am finally in a real relationship…and all of a sudden it’s forced into being long distance…just sucks.


2 thoughts on “things change instantly

  1. Wow that’s seems like a really good sign – finding the perfect place for you. The 12-month places sounded like they were trying to get as much of 12 months rent out of 6 months as possible with the higher rents and charges. Plus I like the one you found is more personal and friendly – I know some people love uber professional and chic places to live but to me that’s not living, that’s just going through the motions. It’s one thing to be professional, modern and sleek at work but at home you want to be able to breathe, to relax and feel comfortable and if possible – happy!

    It’s a shame about your relationship, it will be difficult but maybe in a way it will make more enriching in the sense that your time together will be more special and you will mutually put more effort into your time apart to make up for not being physically together. I find that in long distance relationships the people tend to be more emotionally involved and know each other better because they don’t have body language to do the talking, they have to put more effort into it to make it work but they can also become closer.

    1. You’re right and that’s something I’ve been thinking about as well…it won’t be easy but I think in the end…the distance will make us stronger and bring us closer together, and there’s no way that we’d be able to take each other for granted. Not that we do now, but I think it’s going to work out for the best in the long run.

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