corporate living: day two

Today was my 2nd day at my new job.  I’m still pretty confused most of the time/all of the time, but it’s going well so far.  Tomorrow, me and another new hire in my department are going to get our training for the computer system that BCBG uses…plus we are going to get our badges tomorrow afternoon!

I’ve been trying to figure out when I need to wake up & leave for work.  Yesterday I expected terrible LA traffic so I left super early…I encountered zero traffic and arrived at work an hour and a half early.  Today I left later and did hit traffic but only enough to add twenty minutes to my drive time…so I was about 40 minutes early this morning.  Tomorrow I am going to try leaving at 8-8:15am (I have to be in the office at 9:30am).  Luckily both days I didn’t have ANY traffic on the way home…so it just takes 30 minutes.  Since I only have a few hours to relax at night, that is great.  I’ve been too tired to unpack anything, so both today and yesterday…once I got home I made myself dinner, and then watched some tv before bed.

That picture makes it look like I am not eating anything.  Last night I made myself macaroni & cheese, with chicken nuggets.  I was exhausted after work tonight so I stopped by Target and bought a mini pizza.  After I ate that, I made a cold pasta salad which I will take in for lunch tomorrow.  I tasted a bit and it’s quite good!  I think I’ll buy some more boxes of that.

I made myself a “couch” for watching tv.  This is where I’ve been eating dinner, and I’ve been using my wheel-less skateboard as a table.  It actually works great, ha!  It slides anywhere on the floor easily, and the top is super grippy so my plate and cup stay put.

I don’t know if I’ll even get to buying a couch before my lease is up, I am living on a tight budget…but I’ll make do.  If it’s a pile of pillows, that’ll work just fine!

This weekend I am going to try to get most, if not all of my unpacking finished.  I’m going to go to ikea for some kitchen supplies as well…and I am also going to fit some fun into those two days!  ikea is fun, but I mean real fun.  Maybe I’ll drive down to San Diego, who knows…it’s close enough now that I could just for the heck of it!


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