apartment pictures

I was unpacking today and got all the boxes emptied except for 3.  It’s all my arts & crafts stuff, I’ll have to wait until I get another bookshelf/storage center for that…but the apartment is starting to come together!  I condensed the boxes, and organized everything that was all over the floor.  I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy with how it’s all looking.  It’s looking more like a home.  I actually have light in the living room now too!

The only issue I am having currently is that I have no access to my mailbox, and I know there is mail in there….including a check which would be nice to have.  The key they gave me on move-in day doesn’t work.  I went to the office yesterday and they gave me another key but it was no different.  The mailman is going to look into it tomorrow and give me a call…hopefully this can all be done without me having to be here.  I’m at work during the office hours, so I can’t physically do anything until next weekend.

Anyway, here’s pictures:

I bought some more groceries today also.  I am going to make tacos for dinner, yum!!  I bought Pepsi too so I’m all set.  I’m going to spend the rest of the day relaxing, just because I can.  Back to work tomorrow, but on Friday when I get back from work…Bruce will be here, with Maxxie!  So excited to be covered in cat hair all the time again!


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