finding new things

Last weekend, Bruce and I did a little exploring.  One of my coworkers made a list for me of “things to do in SoCal”, so I was able to cross one of the places off the list.  On Saturday afternoon, we went to Brentwood (ha, the other one) to the Getty Center.  It’s a museum up on a hill, overlooking LA.  It’s a really beautiful place, the outside was just as interesting as what was inside.

Then on Sunday, we went to San Diego to the zoo.  I’ve been wanting to go there for years so that was great.  It’s really nice there, they did a great job with the landscaping…trees and plants everywhere.  I loved all the animals, but I think my favorites were all the bears.  We watched one of the pandas for awhile as it ate, and an otter while it banged plants against a rock.  I am making a plan to go to the Los Angeles zoo here too sometime.  I love them!

I bought myself a fat little panda from the gift shop before we left.  His name is Plumpee (the tag said “Plumpee baby panda”)…it was TOO cute, I couldn’t resist it.  He looks like a little buddha.

During the last week, I’ve also discovered something else.  Chick-fil-a!!  I’d never had it before, there aren’t any in NorCal.  Their fries are awesome.  I’m way too excited about gaining another fast food option I didn’t have before.


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