bcbg vs beximco

I’ve never actually written about my job, have I?  I’ve been working at BCBG for a month now.  The design director (my boss) told me on my first day, that there was a “steep learning curve” for my position, and I am really understanding that right now.  I am detail-oriented, and I always double check everything…yet I am still making mistakes and missing things.  It’s been pretty frustrating because I feel like I should be further along than I am.  It’s been a slow process, but as slow as it may be happening, I am moving forward and I am learning.  Slow progress is still progress.

I’ve been making connections between BCBG and BEXIMCO, where I interned in Bangladesh.  For my job, I have to interact with a lot of people in many different divisions.  Lately I’ve been having samples made (sample sewers are on site), and it’s been reminding me of when I was running to the sample sewers at BEXIMCO.  The rooms are set up the same way…rows of sewing machines.  The difference is that this sample room is in America, and the sewers have ideal conditions.  It’s not an assembly line, one or two people will work on one sample.  The room is air conditioned, and they are not being pushed as hard to finish quickly.  The man I drop the bundles off to, is very friendly and always greets me with a smile and a “Hi Senorita”.  The man I would drop things off to at BEXIMCO gave me a “Hi Madame” and was always very friendly too, but he was overworked and you could tell.  I’ve been thinking about the factory workers lately, and it makes me sad to know exactly where they are and what they are doing.  I can still see them all, working in their areas, doing their jobs.  Their eyes lit up when they heard I was from America, and some of them asked me to bring them back with me.  I remember a discussion I had with one of the managers and a couple of the sample-checkers.  They were asking me about jobs here, if there were factories that they could work at and if I thought they would be able to come here to work.

Another experience I had that ties back into Bangladesh, was last week.  There was a sample sale at work, but Friday was the preview day (just for employees).  I was a little nervous to go into that because I had memories of the H&M sample sale in Dhaka.  There was shoving, and there was nowhere to move….people were everywhere, and clothes were thrown all over.  I still remember a woman near me that had her baby in a carrier on her BACK.  In a very crowded room, her baby was unprotected, on her BACK.  Ridiculous, right?  It gets even more so.  Obviously people were everywhere including all around her, and she was yelling at people that she had a baby and that if anyone touched her, she would flip out.  Her baby shouldn’t have been there in the first place, everyone going knew exactly how crazy it was going to be.  Second of all, she was really idiotic to have her child exposed and unprotected on her back.  I was shocked that anyone would bring a child there.  It was total madness.  But anyway, the sample sale here was really well organized.  Everything was on hangers, on racks.  There were rows of clothing and it was organized by what it was (dresses, tops, pants, etc).  There were a lot of people at this, probably most of the building…and everyone was polite.  People said “excuse me” to get by, and pretty much everyone just took their time walking through and picked what they wanted.  No need to go crazy.  I was able to find 5 things for myself.  I got 2 dresses, a white maxi skirt (beautiful), tank top, and a 100% cashmere sweater.  I spent $80 total.  The sweater was my best find, it’s priced at $250 retail, and I got it for $15!

It’s been interesting for me to experience things here that I first experienced in Bangladesh.  I’m really thankful that I have seen both sides, and that I know how it really is.  I don’t have my American blinders on, and I am not oblivious to how it is overseas.


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