cake pops

I made cake pops for the first time this morning.  It was pretty simple until I got to the “dipping” part.  My pops were a bit crumbly still so a few of them split in half once I tried to put them in the melts.  I had to “ice” most of them with a knife, so they don’t have that smooth cake pop look.  I think if I try it again, I may buy a mold or a cake pop maker (I saw one at Target), so that I wouldn’t have to mix the frosting with the cake.  I like cake just how it is, not as much when it’s more doughy.  Here is my non-descriptive tutorial!

Step 6.5: dip/spread the melts over the pops and put sprinkles or whatever else you want on top of them.



2 thoughts on “cake pops

  1. you make it look so easy!! but ive read stories from women who have broken down crying in pools of melted candy and cake crumbs because the pops were so rebellious! what’s your secret??

    1. I faced rebellious pops too! They started to fall apart when I was dipping them in the melts, which is why I had to use a knife to ice them….I couldn’t dip them completely. Also I made sure to melt the candy as much as I could so that it wasn’t as thick and heavy, and a bit less likely to “pull” the cake off of the pop, or into pieces!

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