salvation mountain

While I was on my Salton Sea trek, I stopped at Salvation Mountain in Niland.  I’d read about this place years ago, in “Weird California” and always wanted to go.  Leonard (the man who continues to build this place) was nowhere around when I got there…in fact no one else was there so I had it all to myself.  Slab City is in the same area as well.  That’s supposed to be like Burning Man year round, at least from what I’ve read.  All I saw was trailers, and I didn’t go close enough to see anything else.

The materials used to build all of this?  Hay and paint!

The following is what you see before you get to Salvation Mountain.  It’s the entrance to Slab City.  This is also where I had an encounter with a dog on my way out.  He popped up out of nowhere leading me to go back to my car.  I watched him for a bit and he didn’t seem wild and someone had left food and water for him.  His water was low so I was going to fill it up since I had extra bottles in my car but as I went near him he started barking at me so that nixed that!


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