weekend recap

Over the weekend, I met Bruce in his hometown: Visalia.  He took me fishing where I got extremely frustrated and annoyed because I wasn’t good at it.  I’m really not a patient person when it comes to learning new things.  I want to get it right away, or not at all.  I was ready to give up but Bruce wanted me to catch a fish before we left.  Finally….finally I caught one.

We saw a waterfall when we were there too.

I also saw a bunch of monsters/creatures.  Only took these two pictures though.  Oh, we also saw a bear….a real one!  It was just a bump of fluff (only saw it’s back), so I didn’t bother with a picture.

See the teeny waving man?


We also encountered horrible heat.  LA looked like paradise compared to it.


3 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. in the picture with the waving man… i see an ostrich like-bird but with a long black neck lol .. do you see it?

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