food fun

Being creative with food makes the whole process a lot more fun.  I like the idea of putting things together however you think it should be, not worrying about following a recipe.  Mind you, these are not that out of the box or unique; but it was fun to put together, and it’s fun to use things not for their intended purpose.  I’m looking forward to thinking up more meals to make!





4 thoughts on “food fun

    1. Yeah, they’re super easy!

      1. Canned pre-cut biscuit dough
      2. Tomato sauce
      3. Veggies (I used corn & diced tomatoes)
      4. Pepperoni (or whatever meat topping you like)
      5. Cheese

      I rolled the biscuit dough into thin circles, spread tomato sauce, and topped that with the veggies, pepperoni, and cheese. Next I put a 2nd flattened piece of dough on top, then used a fork to seal all the edges, and poke some vent holes in the top.

      Then bake for 15 minutes on 350 degrees!

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