I had a couple of California maps sitting around, and wanted to do something with them.  I made one into a piece of wall art.  I bought cork board and glued the map to that, then cut all the excess off.  I used cork, so that if I decide to…I can use thumb tacks and mark places I’ve been and/or want to visit.  I used a dowel to hang it, and since the state is an odd shape…I had to extend one side so that it could hang straight.  Not sure what to do with that, I decided I’ll use it to hang random things off of.  Why not!  I also bought a frame for my scratch-off world map.  So happy to be able to put that up.  You scratch of places you’ve been, neat!

For the 2nd state map I had, I just did simple embroidery on it, and framed it to sit on the counter-top.

Project 2: I was going through the old textile designs I did from school, and pulled a couple out that I wanted to put up.  I just sewed the fabric onto batting, backed that with lace, and again: used dowels to hang them.  I hung these up in my bedroom.

And lastly, another quick project.  I had made a cake, and made sure to save the frosting container.  I bought some jute at the craft store and wound it around.  Super quick and easy!! I will probably end up using this to put a plant in.

All of these projects were recycle/re-use projects.  I love making new things out of old/discarded things; so much fun…and so much cheaper than “from new” projects.


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