hidden gem on the outskirts of los angeles

I visited a little-known landmark this afternoon.  Watts Towers: located in the Watts district of LA, near Compton.  I’ve read that most locals don’t know about the towers, but they are a popular destination for European tourists.  They were built by an Italian immigrant named Sam Rodia (Sam is his American name), in his backyard.  He built them completely by hand, using steel he bent himself.  He covered that in chicken-wire, and then put a mixture of cement/something on top, and adorned everything with discarded bottles, broken plates, and pieces of tile (that he got from his place of work).  I paid the $7 for a tour, which was definitely worth it.  (You can view them from outside of the fence without paying)  The tour guide had a lot of interesting little facts.  After the tour, I went back into the gallery and watched a short movie about Sam and the towers.  The people that work there are extremely friendly and welcoming.  It’s worth the trip if you’re in the area!  I was reminded of Salvation Mountain while I was here.  Two different men with very different life stories, but I see similarities in what they created and how they did it.


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