lake dolores/rock-a-hoola waterpark

Right off of the I-15 freeway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is an abandoned water park.  Originally Lake Dolores, renamed Rock-a-Hoola in the 1990’s; this is supposedly the first waterpark built in the United States.  The water source for the park was man-made Lake Dolores; which was fed by underwater springs.  It opened in 1962, and did well enough to stay open through the 70’s & 80’s.  It was closed, and with new ownership was opened again as “Rock-a-Hoola” until in 2004 it was permanently shut down due to bankruptcy.  All but a couple of the slides have been removed and given to parks elsewhere.

In it’s original form:

As seen today:


2 thoughts on “lake dolores/rock-a-hoola waterpark

  1. I really like your theme of collapse. I’ve just completed a film safari of Nevada which is a place where men searching for wealth came to and what they’ve left is a legacy of failed aspirations and ruins. Goldfield NV was the worst case with hollowed out craters, a moon-landscape and poisoned water. Here is a link to a video that I just posted about Death Valley and Rhyolite, NV:

    I’d love your feedback. thanks Mike Sosebee

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