introducing yams

Thanks to Bruce’s sister, I now have a sewing machine!  So yesterday I cleaned up my sewing area and got down to business and made a monster!  Inspired by Halloween, I made a little Frankenstein.  Or FrankenYAM to be exact.  What’s a YAM?  I decided on a name for the monsters a couple months ago, I wanted to “announce” them properly though, so I waited.  I’m please to announce YAMS: You As a Monster.  These little guys are all about embracing individuality and the uniqueness of YOU!!  I create no two the same, & all are full of their own personality and spirit.  I’ll be opening shop on Etsy soon, so look out for that.  But in the meantime, LIKE the facebook page!  First 50 likes are entered in a drawing for the sweater lover YAM!


Back to FrankenYAM:

I also finished the cookie monster that I had prepped months ago.

Max showed his support of the whole thing.

I now have 4 monsters ready to go.  3 YAMs and 1 YAMinal.  The giraffe is going to be part of a separate grouping. The animal themed monsters are going to be known as YAMinals.


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