the soup taping

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a post on facebook for The Soup soon after it was posted, and was able to submit my name to be a part of the audience today!  I always imagined that E! Studios would be it’s own big building, but it’s actually just a small section in a big building with different businesses…and right nearby the LACMA!  Taping was supposed to start at 9, but ended up starting quite a bit after that.  We all got name stickers, & “Audience” tags to wear around our necks until we were moved from the lobby to the studio.  The area we went to was a simple room with a green screen up & a couple of monitors.

I used to watch the Soup every Friday night back when I had cable, so it was really cool to see some of the staff in person as I walked in, that I’d seen before in the show!  I sat in the front row and soon enough Joel came out.  It was fun to watch the process.  They re-worked some jokes if they felt they weren’t right, re-worded things as they went.  Joel interacted with the audience the whole time, talking about all sorts of things.  He’s so funny, and is a genuinely nice guy.  Afterward we all got to take pictures with him, and he wasn’t trying to rush through it or anything.  He took the time to talk to each person.  He asked where I came from, and I mentioned I then had to go to work so he was asking about my commute, and then told me I should come back next week.  I so wish I could.  It’s so fun to be in the midst of a work dynamic like that…where everyone gets work done but has fun at the same time.

I hope that I will be able to go again sometime, it was a perfect break from the monotony of my life here.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been as excited as I was last night/this morning.  Never thought I’d get a chance like that!  Especially for a show that is one of my favorites.


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