kittens & a cat

My parents have been caring for 7 kittens that they got from the backyard; getting them fixed and what not.  I was thinking about getting a buddy for Max, so last weekend I took him there to see if he’d get along with them.  We quickly found out that he does not share.  There was one kitten that I was drawn to, so we brought him into the room where Max was and Max was NOT happy.  He was growling and hissing non-stop; and it wasn’t just at the kitten, it was at my mom and myself too.  I’d never seen him like that before.

Once we got back home, he was back to normal.  I feel like he’s actually been nicer to me the last week.  But anyway, kitten pictures!

Then today I went to PetSmart and they had cat costumes.  There was a shark, so of course I got it.  I love sharks.  Max wanted to wear it like a cool kid….not on his head.


2 thoughts on “kittens & a cat

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to cuddle them all! Max included. And he can learn to get along with a little brother or sister, it just takes time!

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