zoltar can read your fortune in spanish if you like

Bruce was visiting this weekend and the first order of business was: pumpkin patch!  We got two medium pumpkins, 3 miniature ones, and 2 teensy ones.  The small ones are sitting in my window sill, and we each carved one of the bigger ones.  They’re sitting on my kitchen table, because I don’t trust that they will be safe outside.  I’ve come home on two separate occasions to find my plants knocked over…and those are easy to pick up.  Smashed pumpkins not so much; so I’ll just have them face outward in the window.

Saturday evening we went to the Santa Monica Pier.  Typical sea-side fun.  Fish & chips, sunset, and having Zoltar tell me my fortune in Spanish…because the big red “espanol” button looked like a “go!” button to me.

Sunday was adventures in food making day.  We went to a Japanese store for supplies, came home, and made sushi!  I made three rolls myself, and only one came out really bad, ha.  We made my favorite: Philadelphia roll (cream cheese, yum!), and then eel rolls.

I’ve cut beef & pork out of my diet (seeing if it can last, I’ve gone two weeks now – if you know me that is a long time…I’m a burger lover), so the more I can do with fish or chicken the better!  I probably won’t be making sushi much at all, but it’s nice to know that now I can.


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