halloween fun

Last weekend I was up north for Bruce’s birthday.  We went to San Francisco Saturday night to celebrate,  but that was also the night people dressed up in the city for Halloween so we dressed up too.  I was really excited this year because I found a perfect costume.  Monster!  I ordered it and it turned out not very flattering on me, so I returned it.  The monster hoods were sold on their own as well as a costume set, and there were different styles to choose from so I ordered one of the hoods and decided to put the outfit together myself, including a diy tutu.

My friend Leyla and I.  She was Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.  I got “Monsters Inc.” a few times for mine, which I suppose it fits!  If that gives me an excuse to wear the hood to Disneyland then I’ll take it!

I wore the monster hood to work today also, but no tutu.  We weren’t supposed to dress up during the day, until the afternoon when we were getting ready to do our team performances.  It was a Bollywood themed event, complete with Egyptian decor….what?  It didn’t make much sense, haha.

The whole design team dressed up as “jailbirds”.  Our story line was that we all got arrested because we were caught freeing the pigs from the Farmer John slaughterhouse (a Vernon staple).  We had a choreographed danced to Michael Jackson’s “Scream, Smooth Criminal, & Beat It”.  We’ve spent a couple days a week after work practicing for the past month.  It was pretty difficult and a lot to remember, and I had it pretty much down but I still messed up a few times today.  Oh well, overall we all did a great job and we won for “best performance”!



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