from tree to paper back to tree

It may be a little early to be getting started on Christmas, but it’s my favorite time of year and starting early makes it last longer.  I’ve been searching for DIY ideas for decorating and I found the below AMAZING paper tree.  Such a smart idea.


For my version, I added a few things.  Feathers, yarn, & glitter.

The base is a styrofoam cone, with a dowel used for the “trunk”.  I stuck the dowel in, and then put the cone on top of a paper towel roll to begin attaching the pieces.  I used hot glue, and once I finished each paper layer, I filled in any holes with feathers or yarn then repeated the same until I reached the top!

I bought a couple cute little things from Joanns to make up my tree topper, and stuck those into the top.  Once the tree was done, I wrapped paper around the base and then covered that all up and stuck it in a small pot filled with more styrofoam.  I glued fabric/feather scraps in that, and that’s it!  I may go back and paint the pot another color, but for now it’s ok.

Unfortunately I have a cat who LOVES paper, feathers, & yarn so this has to sit way up high out of his reach.  So on the refrigerator it goes.


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