happy december!

I cleaned my apartment over the weekend…SUPER cleaned it.  My room is the cleanest it’s ever been since moving here.  I also prepped the living room for the Christmas tree that isn’t bought yet.  So far there is a stand, topper, & skirt that I made yesterday.  I’m working on the ornaments, and doing everything as budget-friendly as possible.  I have some bells that I got at the craft store on sale, & tonight the salt dough ornament experiment began.  Those are currently drying, so we’ll see tomorrow how they turn out and if they seem good…I’ll make a whole bunch of them!

Yesterday I went to Target to figure out what “theme” to go for.  I really like the snow/glitter white decorations…but I decided to go for a more rustic feel.  I already have things that go with that, and handmade and “rustic” easily go hand in hand.

When thinking “rustic Christmas”, one of the first things that comes to mind is a fireplace.  I live in an apartment so of course I don’t have one.  So…I made one instead!  In doing that, I also freed up space for my “mantle” so my paper tree is in a visible spot now along with my nativity scene.






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