oh, christmas tree

My very first Christmas tree that is all mine!  I found a tree lot on Yelp, and decided on it because they had free delivery/set up according to the reviews.  Once there, I found out that it’s actually $20 for that service.  Forget that, I’m independent and I decided I could handle it myself.  Of course, that meant realistically I couldn’t get a 6-7 foot tree like I’d hoped.  I found a cute little one in the 4-5 foot range and the guy helping me explained that it was a hybrid of four different tree species and they had all nicknamed it “Frankenstein”.  A monster tree?  Even more perfect!  He strapped it to my car, and off I went.


I picked up two strings of white lights from my dentist today as well.  He offered them to me last week during my appointment because of course we were talking about trees and decorating as that was the only thing on my mind.  His family has an artificial tree with the lights attached so he had no need for the strings anymore.  They worked out great.




I’m really pleased with how it came out!  I made garland out of fabric strips cut from one of my grandmothers tablecloths.  (it was stained, I’ve been hanging onto it for recycling projects)  I hung bells; large & small, the salt dough ornaments I made last weekend, and then my small collection of various ornaments that I already had.  I think I only spent about $10 on decorating the tree.

Two small branches fell off when I was setting it up, and I found use for those too!  More tablecloth fabric, a wreath body my mom had given me, & embroidery thread equaled a pretty little wreath for my wall.


I set it up so it could be seen from outside, well…part of it!  It looks especially miniature from the outside.




It’s tiny but I love it, & I am proud of myself for making it so pretty!



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