anniversary weekend

Bruce and I went to Bass Lake for an extended weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  We stayed in a chalet at The Pines Resort.  We technically had three stories (main floor had the living room & full kitchen, bottom floor was the bedroom & bathroom, top floor was a loft above the kitchen).  We also had a balcony, but it was far too cold to use that.


IMG_4269It snowed off & on all day Sunday.  We went to Yosemite and it was perfect.  As the day went on it began to snow steadily.  I could’ve stood in it forever if my clothes had been warmer.  We built a snowman, saw the sights, and had a few animal encounters.

IMG_4302 IMG_4337 IMG_4350 IMG_4354 IMG_4383 IMG_4396 IMG_4401 IMG_4414

We went again on Monday and our first stop was the Bridalveil Falls.  Bruce went to the bridge to look for fish while I went up to the waterfall.  The trail was really icy, and one part was solid ice.  Anyone that wanted to go up all the way had to pull themselves up using a handrail at that point, feet were useless.  I hated how “adult” I felt when I was heading back down.  There were kids with no fear, running all over and all the adults were going really slow and trying to walk off of the trail where it wasn’t as bad.

IMG_4429We had a snowball fight before we left the park.  For the most part it looked like this:

IMG_2350He kept throwing snow at me, whether I was taking pictures, sitting, or not even facing him!  I won simply because I played fairly.


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