my week in a square

I’m trying to be more active photographically & blogically so I’ve figured out a simple way to achieve both.  I always have my iPhone with me, and I am using it more and more to take snapshots of my day.  Most of those pictures end up on Instagram or and then I have these cool little square format pictures that never go outside of those apps.  So I thought, what if I do a weekly “instagram update” on my blog, posting the best of the week?  I like peering into other peoples lives via their instagram photos so maybe it’ll work the other way around too!  So here goes nothing.


1. Prototype animal head clutch  2. Sleepy kitty  3.  I ate turkey tacos 4 nights this week…they were the BEST I’ve ever made!  4.  Typical store front in Vernon where I work…many many butts. (plus monkey kid)


1.  I bought stamps. “I knew you’d pick those ones” – postal worker  2. I sent 12 YAMs to a shop called Co-op 28 Handmade & Vintage in Los Angeles  3.  I don’t have any clean matching socks  4.  I went to Joann’s today and picked up some craft goodies



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