the lion & the lamb

I finished sewing up a little lamb I was making.  It’s part of a set…a lion & lamb.  I stepped away from the normal YAM style to make these and I’m really pleased with the result.

IMG_4520IMG_4517The first step was the sew their little heads together.  While I was doing that, inspiration hit and I had the image of an animal head purse in my mind.  It wasn’t going to go away until I had created it, so yesterday I bought what I needed and I stayed up late last night to finish it.  I am so happy with how it came out!  The only issue is that one ear ended up longer than the other, but other than that I love it.  The strap is removable so it can easily become a clutch.

IMG_4529IMG_4531IMG_4533IMG_4550I did one more quick diy project today! I’ve had this bookmarked for months, and I decided it didn’t need to sit in the “to do” pile anymore.  I went to Kinko’s this morning and printed out a copy of my passport stamps from entering/exiting Bangladesh.  I had a 10×10″ wood block sitting around; and easily glued the copy to it and put it up on the wall!  I have natural wood frames elsewhere in my apartment so I decided to leave the block as is…it can easily be painted to match your decor though.  It’s so easy, and so cool.  No one gets to see anything from in your passport unless you show it to them, this is a simple way to have that on display!



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