heritage park – cerritos

IMG_3105I’ve driven by it countless times, and it wasn’t until last weekend when I looked at it as I drove by that I saw how fun Heritage Park looked.  It’s in Cerritos, maybe a mile from where I live and on the same street I live on.  There’s a small island with a Boston village on it.  It’s a popular photoshoot spot; there were three going on while I was there this morning.  Inside the buildings are typical playground things…monkey bars, slides, etc.  There’s a small ship in the water and you can aim the little cannons at all the ducks and turtles!  It’s really cute, if I had a kid I would have so much fun playing alongside them here.

IMG_3112 IMG_3113IMG_3114 IMG_3115IMG_3125IMG_3121 IMG_3130IMG_3109


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