game apps of the moment

Probably 90% of the apps on my phone are games.  I go through phases with each one where I will play it all of the time and then not at all.  That’s part of the fun though, I like hunting for the “next great game”.  I thought I’d share a few that I am currently working my way through.



Your goal is to keep the cats from hitting the ground, by kicking them.  Cheeseburgers will appear and if you kick the cat into them you get more points.  As you progress more cats parachute down, and birds fly through and you can’t hit them.  If the cats hit the ground they fall to pieces and your game is over.


Little Things

Animal shaped picture puzzles.  You’re given some words and you have to zoom in/out to find the picture.  It’s challenging and you’re timed so you have to try to find them quick to get the most points.

IMG_3275[1]Candy Crush

I’m sure this is pretty familiar to a lot of you.  I wasn’t interested in this, but a coworker convinced me to try it and now I am hooked.  It’s basically bejeweled but you have a limited number of moves.  You have to make rows of 3 or more identical candies, and the goal is to get rid of those lighter colored squares.

IMG_3277[1]Coin Drop

This one is like Plunko on “The Price is Right”.  You drop coins from the top and try to hit certain spots for points.  In order to advance to the next level you have to get rid of the 4 blue pirate coins.  This can get pretty challenging, you need to bounce your coins off obstacles in order to reach the blue coins a lot of times.


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