saturday stuff

I’ve been awake for 16 hours so far today, but if you look at how productive I was at home it seems like I’ve been awake for maybe 4 hours.  I started some spring cleaning, which means reorganizing and going through old paperwork, etc…so currently my living room has paper all over the ground because I kept getting bored and moving onto something else.  I wanted to do more sewing today too but just couldn’t get myself to start on that.  So tomorrow is going to be a lot of finishing up & a lot of sewing!

In regards to the stuff I did do today; I have pictures.

IMG_3450I went to Manhattan beach at 7am, before parking fees are enforced (free always equals me) and walked along the water.  The tide was low so it was a good time for collecting shells.  There were a good amount of whole sand dollars, which isn’t something I’ve come across before.  I was reminded of a conversation I had with my mom years ago.  She asked what one thing I would want to find on the beach.  I said a pearl, while her answer was an unbroken sand dollar.

IMG_3423When I started heading back I passed a sign that said “Barsha”.  It took about 5 blocks of convincing myself to go back before I did turn around.  I always have moments like that where I think “Oh, if I want a picture that bad I can come back” which of course works out to me never going back.  I had Barsha (my Bengali plushie) in the car with me, there was little traffic that early & no one in that parking lot…so I went back for my picture.

IMG_3454In the afternoon I went out hunting for a lamp.  I only have one small bedside lamp in my bedroom that doesn’t give off a ton of light so sewing at night was always a no-no.  I went to Marshalls & Home Goods first and saw so many cute things but not any affordable lamps that I liked.  After getting my car washed, I decided to give Target another chance (I’ve looked at their selection of lamps a number of times always leaving with nothing).  On a clearance endcap they had two bird lamps.  Done!  I picked the best one then stood in the lampshade aisle for like 10 minutes trying to find a cheap one I liked.  I went back to the endcap and there was a butterfly lampshade for $11, so I picked that up.  Birds eat butterflies, and cats eat birds…so I have the circle of life thing going on in my apartment.

IMG_3456I wanted something fun for dinner, so I also bought pizza materials from Target.  I got the pizza crust sheets, a little can of tomato sauce, & parmesan cheese.  Everything else I had at home.  I put kale, spinach, broccoli, & chicken sausage on it.  The crust was super thin/crispy and so yummy.

IMG_3467Low key day; just wish I’d finished the cleaning so I wouldn’t have to worry about it tomorrow!  Oh well…I do enjoy cleaning, it always feels better afterward and makes me happy to be home.


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