my week in a square + weekend outings

weekinsquare151. I found my long-lost elephant pendant from Thailand, it was in my makeup bag this whole time.  2. I was able to leave work on time everyday this week/even a little early on some days…it was so nice.  3. Bruce visited me for the weekend (his weekend: Friday/Saturday)  4.  We went to Build-A-Bear in Downtown Disney Friday night where I made Bentley the dragon & dressed him up as the Mad Hatter!

Besides visiting Build-A-Bear in Downtown Disney Friday night, Bruce and I also saw “OZ”.  There is one part that I wish they had left out & that they’d lightened up a little on the CG-effects, but other than that it was really good!  I liked the pre-Dorothy view, and how they explained why the wicked witch became wicked.  It’s much simpler than the reasoning in the Wicked series but it’s believable and it makes her relate-able which I like.

On Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum.






Besides the dinosaurs and the Gems & Minerals gallery; the below room was one of my favorites.  I’m not a fan of taxidermy animals being mounted on the wall, but I liked how they had them displayed in this room.  The contrast of the industrial white walls and the shadows they cast were just lovely.

IMG_4794 IMG_4795After the museum, we headed to Beverly Hills, so we could get some ice cream at Sprinkles.  I got mint chip in a red velvet cone, it was really good!  We walked around a little bit before heading back.

IMG_4823 IMG_4824 IMG_4825 IMG_4828Bruce went back home last night, so I spent all of my Sunday working on YAM bags.  I cut out and started sewing 8 of them.  7 are ready to have their lining put in, the 8th one still has some assembly to be done.  I’ll be able to post complete pictures of those next weekend.


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