my week in a square + covering the blank wall

weekinsquare161. Monday was the big 100,000 miles for my car.  2.  My coworker braided my hair one night  3.  Not my photo – these pants are from Aussie brand: Romance Was Born…I fell in love at first sight.  4.  Pancakes for breakfast on Saturday  [this week was a bit slow in the instagram department]

I spent the weekend at home, doing a lot of sewing in order to finish up the batch of YAM bags for the Co-op.  I’m excited to see how they’ll be received by shoppers.  If they do well, I’ll stock up my Etsy shop again…but for now I’m just focusing on the consignment.

IMG_4834IMG_4888Once the sewing was done, I did a little decorating.  I rearranged the photo wall in my living room, transferred two plants into larger pots outside, made a simple garland for my bedroom, & began my gallery wall.  Until today I had one completely blank wall; the one behind my bed.  It was like a slap of boring in the face every time I saw it.  I fixed that!  I have 4 more prints to put up, but I’m already so happy with how it looks & it’s the inspiration I need on a daily basis to make photography more of a priority.



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