high school reunion

I got a message on facebook today about my looming 10 year high school reunion.  It will be happening in September, & I have to reply with whether I plan to attend or not.  I’ve been contemplating this reunion for years, wondering: would I or would I not go?

There is the curiosity to see what my old classmates have been up to, but I already know what a lot of people are up to, simply because of facebook.  The people that I was friends with in highschool, whether we’re friends now or not…for the most part I am connected to them online so I have the option to speak to them if I so desire, and I am able to “catch up” and see what they’ve been doing by looking at their info & pictures on facebook.

Maybe I have a pessimistic view on the whole thing, but I feel like reunions are just an excuse for people to brag about how great their life is and to show off to old classmates.  I don’t have much to brag about, I think the best thing I’ve got is that I’ve seen/experienced some of the world & I got out of my hometown.  A large majority of the people I went to highschool with are still there…they’ve never left.  At the end of the day though, I am the same person I was in my teenage years.  I’m just as quiet and shy as I was then, if not more now.  I still get nervous whenever I go somewhere new or meet new people.  I already know how I would feel walking into a reunion.  I would feel anxious, and that I’m being judged.  I suppose I need to decide whether it’s worth it or not.  Do I want to look back and focus on what I haven’t done yet that my classmates have, or do I want to look forward and not worry about what other people have accomplished and just worry about my own life path & my timing.  I’ll consider going, but I think I’ve already made my mind up.

tikiI was pretty darn stylish don’t you think?  Totally a fashion designer in the making, haha!


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