days & a beautiful mess

I have a couple fun new photo apps to share.  The first is called Days, which is sort of like the cool younger brother of instagram.  There are no filters, and you don’t have the option to load pictures into the app…you have to take photos from within the app, but they are saved to your camera roll so you can go edit-crazy later on.  I love editing my photos but I like that this app forces you to use only the raw images as they were taken.  Every photo is time-stamped, and you view them by…you guessed it: Days.  I haven’t taken advantage of it yet, but you can also make GIFS which is pretty cool.

The second is A Beautiful Mess.  With this app you can make your photos uber-cute.  You can add text, doodles, sayings, borders, and there are a couple filters also.  It’s really fun to play with.  This one cost $1, and there are extras which cost more money…but I’m only using what the dollar got me and I’m happy enough with that.


Here are a few photos from this week that I edited in the A Beautiful Mess app.
IMG_4008 IMG_4018




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