my week in a square

Like last week this weeks square is just about the weekend.  The only thing that got me through the work week was knowing I had a long weekend to look forward to.  Now I just need to survive until the 4th of July & I get another one!


1. New music is always a must when driving for 6 hours  2. I left Max here while I went North for the weekend so I left all his toys out  3. I didn’t get to the Bay Area until 2am so I needed all the entertainment I could get on the road to keep me alert…this cars bumper sufficed for at least an hour.  4. Pacifica beach with Bruce  5. I miss having foggy mornings  6. Stopped at Treasure Island on my way to my parents house for the city view  7. I straightened my hair that day, and the wind undid my work  8.  Zara – one of my parents cats, with HUGE eyes  9.  I brought Llama with me but left him in the car the whole time…now I will call him “Annoyed Llama” instead of “Sad Llama”.



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