my week in a square

weekinsquare231. I make burritos at least once a month, I mixed it up this time by making mini taco salads…so good!  2. I wanted to make tuna fish for breakfast but didn’t have any mayonnaise…so I improvised with mustard.  3.  A little bird paid me a visit on Saturday 4.  I made shortbread cookies which was a huge mistake, as I’ve since eaten half of that plate within 24 hours!

I paid the part of a hermit this weekend.  I went out once to get cat food for Max but only because I had to.  The main thing I did this weekend was watch Dr. Who on Netflix.  I spent too much time with the doctor though because he invaded my dreams last night!  We had our own little adventure and I got to choose if I wanted his love or friendship (I chose best friendship!).  Our time together even had that comedic vibe that he carries with him everywhere.  In the end I had to feed a lock & key to the Tardis which was a blue locker instead of a police box, and as I threw it I said “Here you go Tardie!”  which is totally the way I would address the Tardis.


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