recycled dr who tardis

IMG_5213I have fond memories of watching Dr Who with my parents  (even my brother when he visited) when I still lived at home.  Everytime my dad got a new Dr Who Netflix dvd we’d sit down and watch.  I quit watching once the Doctor changed from David Tennant to Matt Smith though; I didn’t like the idea of someone new.  I’ve just recently gotten back into the series and even though it’s not David I am really enjoying it.  My parents have a poster of a Dalek in their house and now I have my own little piece of Dr Who in my home too!

captionThis was a recycling DIY project.  I spent $4 total to make it and that all went toward the blue wrapping paper.  I had the box leftover from chips I had and wanted to keep it since my cat (along with I think ALL cats) loves to sit in boxes.  I didn’t like looking at a chip box on the floor so decided to make it cooler.  Unfortunately I don’t think Max is going to get that much use out of it, because in order to make it actually look like the tardis I had to flip it on it’s side so it’d stand tall instead of wide.  He can fit his head in it at least.



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