recycle & reuse

In order for me to survive living on my own, I have to be really frugal and smart with my money.  A few months ago I took my credit cards out of commission, they were all maxed out so I had to start living off of only what money I actually had in the bank.  (I don’t have any savings, I can’t afford it)  It was rough at first!  I had two major freak-outs because I went to a balance of zero and still had bills to be paid/gas to be put in the car.  In both instances, God provided for me and the money popped up.  I am so thankful, He has done the same for me in the past.  Only when I get to the very bottom, but that way I am able to appreciate it so much more.

I now pay a certain amount on each credit card a month and I am working my way out of that debt, I can actually use one of my cards again when I need to fill in that gap.  I’ve never been the kind of person who is wasteful with money, but now I am extra aware of trying to save.  Because of that I am always looking for new ways to reuse & recycle things.  It’s led to fun DIY projects, recipes, etc.  I am working on a project that will utilize all of those ideas but I’m not sharing that until I’ve got more to show!

One of my most recent money saving projects is this: regrowing produce!  I got to the heart of my lettuce and decided to plant it instead of buying another.  Within a day, I saw new growth…and each day it’s grown more than the last.  I get so excited to see it’s progress!  I don’t use lettuce THAT much, so the waiting isn’t a big deal.  I have some tomatoes and bell pepper in the fridge I may try this with too!

IMG_4528 IMG_4430 IMG_4550


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