mini disney scrapbook

My Disneyland annual pass expired last Thursday, so no more Disney days in the near-future.  I made a little scrapbook for my Disney memories today.  The idea of specific, small scrapbooks sits well with me.  Large scrapbooks are always so intimidating, and take so much time!  Mini ones can be done in a day, and are so much easier since they are limited to one specific topic.  I want to start doing these for my weekend trips/adventures so that my photos get out of the computer and into something tangible.  I haven’t perfected the process yet, but since the two I’ve made from scratch so far are just for myself that’s ok.  If I had a coffee table, I would fill up a basket with tons of these things so that when people visited they’d have something fun to look at.

IMG_4603 IMG_4606







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