diy: floral wall art

Cardboard letter projects seem to be popping up everywhere lately, & today I joined the cardboard letter crafter club!  I really love the marquee light DIY that people are doing, but I’ll save that for another time.  I filled the letters instead, using fake flowers!  I feel like this is out of the norm for me on the girly-ness scale, but wouldn’t it be adorable in a little girls room?

Step one is supplies!  I had a coupon for Joann’s so the total cost for everything came out to a little under $40.  It took awhile to select the word I wanted to do.  I originally wanted to do “Cali” but they were out of L’s and I thought that might be dumb, so I went between “dream” & “hope”…deciding on “dream” and putting that in my basket.  Off I went for other supplies then decided that word was dumb too, so I went back to the letter aisle and spent a few more minutes hunched over on the ground spelling things out.  Done & decided!  I chose a metallic paint which I now want to cover everything in…such a soft & pretty gold.  Then I picked up some of that foam stuff, and chose a bunch of flowers from the clearance section.  Each little bunch I got was 80 cents (70% off spring selection, whoop).


Step two: Cut all the tops off the letters, this is pretty easy to do using an exacto knife.  Then sand the edges down.  Which word did I choose?  So many fun options!  (I chose a word with an L in it, so I had to make one out of that F up there)

wordsStep three: If you’re going to mount these on the wall, now is the time to make your holes.  Then paint the sides if you don’t like the warehouse cardboard look.

words2Step four:  The messiest part!  Shove that foam into the letters.  I had to use a kitchen knife to cut it apart, and it crumbles and gets everywhere.  No need for it to look nice, as long as it fills the majority of the letters it will work.  You won’t see it once you’re done anyhow!

IMG_4894Step five: Cut your flowers off the stem so they’re short enough to stab the foam with force and long enough that they won’t fall out.  Now start sticking them in however you see fit!


Step six: Yay, done!  Put it up somewhere and admire your crafty accomplishment.



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