my week in a square + d23


1. Max just being Max  2. Celebrating a birthday at work Friday  3. D23 Expo!  I was on the hunt for two things: free stuff & the beast  4. Leyla & me, fun day

D23 – Disney Expo

Leyla & I went to the Disney expo on Saturday, & had a lot of fun.  We missed the movie previews because they were early in the day and the lines were crazy long…so we focused on all the other stuff!  We went to the Imagineering exhibit and got to see how they work, new products coming, 1st hand-drawn Disney maps, & Captain America was in there for pictures so that was pretty exciting.  They had costumes on display from “Mary Poppins”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Oz”, & “Return to Oz” (Memories of the movie from childhood came back once a woman mentioned the “wheelers” and the headless princess…the room full of heads has been in the back of my brain forever and I never could remember what it was from).  We walked through all the vendors, and I used my hawk-eye to score us free stuff.  If it’s free I can spot it from a mile away!  One of the best free scores was pins, so now I finally have my first Disney pin.  Whenever I go back to the parks I’ll have to get a lanyard.  I bought a Chewbacca t-shirt (which came in an enormous bag), Mickey figure, and 2 postcards from Downtown Disney afterward.



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