People have asked me if I feel different physically after I go to the gym (like having more energy).  The answer so far has been no.  I don’t really feel good when I leave after a workout, as in I don’t go “yeah! I killed that workout!  Beast mode, etc & various other gym-sayings!”  The effects so far are mainly mental.  I feel good because I am being active instead of sitting at home like a potato.  I feel good because I am doing something toward my health, and no matter how tiny they may be I am taking steps toward a better version of myself.

I am still in the beginning stages of this whole gym thing, so I’m sure other things will come in due time.  I’ve switched my workouts from being at 5am before work to 10pm after work.  I avoided the night initially because it’s busier but by 10, most people have left.  I know it might become something I loathe in the future, but so far it’s been really easy to go.  I look forward to it while I’m at work.  I like it so much because I don’t have to talk to anyone when I’m there; I get to listen to my music as loud as I want, and I can watch cable tv at the same time (haha, I watch the HGTV channel tv).

I have seen physical progress as well, it’s ever so slight and no one but me would notice but it’s really exciting.  I’ve decided to reward myself with cute new workout clothes.  That, and I need more…I keep having to do laundry because I have to recycle the same clothes.  I am going to get some new bottoms from Victoria’s Secret for sure (my one pair of yoga pants is from there and they fit perfectly), but if I can get cute cheap tops too…even better!


Aqua tops are both from Forever 21.  Blogilates has the CUTEST graphic tanks, this one is perfect for my love of Beauty & the Beast!

fit2Either capri pants or shorts with the wings on the back…adorable!


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