diy dinner: spring rolls

I am very excited for the fact that after tonight, I no longer have to eat dinner or watch tv on the floor!  I am currently waiting for my new couch to be delivered.  It could show up in as little as 45 minutes, eep!  I am so excited at the idea of being comfy on a couch while I watch tv, read, eat, play video games, etc.  I will show that off tomorrow!

In the meantime…this morning I hopped over to Blogilates and saw an awesome recipe that I had to try (check out the link if you want instructions!).  After my couch-purchasing trip, I stopped at Joann’s for supplies for something that will go along with the couch…and then hit up Ralphs & Target for dinner supplies.  IMG_5278

IMG_5283 IMG_5286
They were good!  This is the first time I’ve cooked using tofu and I am happy it went well because tofu blocks only cost a buck!  This is a quick, simple, refreshing meal…something I will be doing again for sure!


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